How Can Surveillance Cameras Help Your Home

November 28th, 2019

For anyone that owns a home, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring that the belongings and the people inside that home are safe. The surveillance camera continues to be one of the most popular forms of home security, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. So why should you think about putting security cameras outside—or even inside—your home? Here are the biggest benefits.


Thieves are looking for an easy target. If they were willing to work hard, they would have gotten a job, as you did. This means that anything that forces a thief to put in more time, effort, and take more risk, is going to discourage that thief. Surveillance cameras do just that. When thieves see surveillance cameras watching a property, they already know that this home will be an order of magnitude more difficult to successfully rob, and you’ll likely deflect the choice of homes to ransack to someone else who didn’t take the same precautions you did.

Investigative Aids

If your home does get robbed, or even if you hear that there’s a crime wave in your neighborhood, but you’re unlikely to be targeted due to your system, your surveillance cameras are an invaluable aid to the police. When conducting an investigation, footage of the break-in will show the exact time and place of the break-in, including important details like height, build, skin color, clothing, facial features, and other identifying characteristics. If you have cameras aimed at the street, you may even capture footage of vehicle used and get a license plate number.

Once an arrest has been made, good quality surveillance footage can also be used in the prosecution phase as part of the evidence that gets a conviction. Surveillance footage can be crucial to both finding criminals and ensuring they end up in jail.

Convenience & Peace Of Mind

Finally, security cameras make your home life easier. Today’s security cameras are both wireless and online, meaning that you can view the footage on your smartphone. If you have a doorbell camera as part of your security system, you can be notified of visitors, check out the footage, or even confirm a package you were expecting has been delivered.

If you put surveillance cameras inside your home, this provides a lot of peace of mind. People that have workers come in, such as for cleaning or babysitting can ensure that visitors are behaving themselves and not poking into areas they shouldn’t be, having visitors over, treating your elderly parents with dignity, or even robbing you.

For the family, this means that you can see when children leave and arrive, or you can see what your pets are up to when you’re not in the home. If you have elderly parents at home, or on their own, surveillance cameras can ensure they remain safe, and if they need help, a surveillance camera, combined with other safety systems can be a huge assist in the event of a fall, or some other medical emergency.

So if you’re interested in better security for your home, let Surveillance Solutions assess your property and determine the configuration that will meet your needs.