Security Still Matters Even During A Pandemic

May 4th, 2020

People that work and live here in San Antonio, TX are facing the same unprecedented challenges as the rest of the country. COVID-19 is running rampant across the nation, and while this is a global pandemic, it is the USA that is the worst-hit country in the world.

For people here in San Antonio, TX, life as we know it has ground to a halt. Massive changes have been made to “flatten the curve” and not overwhelm medical services with too many infected cases. This has resulted in a shelter in place guidance for Americans everywhere. Still, it brings with it some new security issues.

Barriers Matter

One of the most significant issues that businesses face is being deemed “nonessential.” While some operations, such as grocery stores, and, of course, hospitals and clinics, need to continue to operate so people can survive, others do not. Fitness centers, dental clinics, home furnishing, and many others are advised to keep doors shut and not admit customers.

These businesses may have people still operating inside or maybe completely shut down as employees shift to working from home. When companies are inactive, they present a tempting target to the criminal element. However, criminals are looking for easy prey. Physical barriers, like storefront shutters/blinds, have played an essential role in protecting businesses at night. Still, now they can be crucial in preserving them for more extended periods. 

Security Cameras Mean Safety

Modern security cameras are another great tool for both home and business owners. Externally, these cameras do a good job recording people on the perimeter of a property. This makes for a useful deterrence effect. Criminals don’t want anything that accurately records physical characteristics, as this makes both investigation and conviction easier to do. The presence of cameras discourages loitering.

Internally, security cameras can help keep track of behavior. For businesses, this means watching for shoplifting during standard business days. For residences, internal cameras can be essential for ensuring safety. The elderly, for example, may fall and not be able to get back on their feet or call for help. The same is true for infants. Cameras can help to ensure that even an elderly parent staying at home in another location can be safely overseen during this pandemic.

Access Control Makes A Difference

For health care facilities, access to supplies such as medication, narcotics, and now masks, other PPEs, and ventilators is critical. Unfortunately, the black market for medicine has now expanded to include personal protective equipment and other medical gear.

Access control is an efficient way to ensure that medication and other items remain where they are supposed to. More than just a good lock, access control systems can record the exact time of access. They can show who it was that did the accessing, and, unlike a lock system, a lost key doesn’t mean needing a new lock and new keys reissued to everyone.  

The pandemic is affecting everyone here in San Antonio, TX. If you want better safety measures for your home or business, contact us and let us help.